Join me in Celebrating Children Gone Too Soon

It brings me joy when I have the opportunity to help bereaved parents share their stories. I believe sharing our experiences and the lessons we have learned is a critical part of being human. And being a part of a community.

This is why I am honoured to help celebrate babies gone too soon. The commemoration page is called Celebrating Sweeties. This is a place where lives lost to miscarriage, stillbirth, SIDS, early infant loss – and any kind of loss of children – can be openly shared and remembered. I welcome families to contribute their children that died at any age, for any reason. Every child needs to be celebrated. 

Celebrating Sweeties is a safe place where any image of any baby or older child is welcomed. And if you don’t have a picture, a name or even a nickname is good too. Sometimes is is healing to share ourselves openly like this. Vulnerability is so important. When I stopped pretending I was okay after my son died, I was actually able to “be real.” That realness helped me heal and bring Zachary with me forward into my life, in a healthy way.

It is with both joy and sadness that I want to share that we have new Sweeties to celebrate. I am sad that their lives were cut short, but also grateful for their lives in the first place.

Let me introduce you to some very important people:

PG Celebrating Sweeties Wanted Chosen Planned BLOG AER Celebrating Sweeties Wanted Chosen Planned BLOG ATH Celebrating Sweeties Wanted Chosen Planned BLOG


If you would like to add your Sweetie to the celebration page, please email me ( your child’s name, birth date (and death date if this is different), and a photograph if you have one. I will do my best to add your child to the Celebrating Sweeties page within a few business days. 

Thank you for reading Wanted Chosen Planned. I hope this can be a safe place for you at whatever stage you are at on your journey. I hope this can be a place of joy amidst sadness, love in the face of fear, and strength in numbers, despite the reason we have come together in the first place.

What is your story?

I welcome an email anytime ( If you need a listening ear, please reach out. Also, Wanted Chosen Planned is a place I encourage you to share your story. Click here for info about submitting your story. We would love to share about your birth experiences, struggles and victories in the grief and healing department and any artwork or photography that you have created relating to your loss and recovery.

With love,

– Alexis Marie 


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