Celebrating Sweeties Update

What I love about Celebrating Sweeties is that it is a safe place to publicly remember children that have died. It is an unfortunate reality that our culture doesn’t know what to say to bereaved parents. What is typically said when an older person dies – “At least (s)he lived a long, full life” – does not apply. I am hoping that this will change. That we can develop a supportive and compassionate vocabulary to talk miscarriage, stillbirth, SIDS, and all other kids of pregnancy loss and early infant loss – not to mention the death of an older or adult child as well.

That is the goal of “The Healthy Grief Movement.” 

New Sweeties to Celebrate

It is always bittersweet for me to add a new baby or older child to the Celebrating Sweeties group. I am heartbroken that another parent has to endure the unimaginable. I am glad that they have reached out and I’m especially happy to commemorate such important young lives.

In the last little while I have added Alyssa Jordan Henderson, Vinny Luigi Sams, Angelica Armogida, and Draven Xavier Dennis.


I truly believe that storytelling is healing.

Sharing our precious children on Celebrating Sweeties is one way we tell stories that matter. These are stories that matter to mothers, fathers, grandparents, siblings, aunties, uncles, and friends. It is important to tell these stories.

If we don’t, who will?

My mom is a wise lady. She told me that those we talk about never really die. They are kept alive by the stories we tell of them. This is true for the famous, like movie stars, politicians and inventors, but also of our children. This gives me hope. I do believe that my son, Zachary, and his story has made a difference in my life and the lives of others. That is pretty cool. He only lived a few minutes, but his legacy lives on in my heart and in our family.

If you want to add your child to Celebrating Sweeties, please email me (Alexis Marie info@alexismariechute.com) with your child’s photo if you have one, name and birth/death date. I will do my best to add all children within a day or two.

Thank you for reading and sharing Wanted Chosen Planned.

Sending love your way,

–  Alexis Marie Chute

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