Resource Round-Up 2: Hazel’s Heroes

There are so many amazing and compassionate resources out there for bereaved families after their losses and as they become pregnant again. In this resource round-up, I will share some of the books, retreats, organizations and other supports that I feel are doing amazing work.

Hazel’s Heroes are proud to offer weekend retreats for mothers who have lost a young child. Nestled in the quiet peace of the Rocky Mountains, grieving mothers can come together and focus on parenting the children who are no longer in their arms, but who will remain forever in their hearts.

Hazel’s Heroes’ mission is to provide hope and understanding to all who attend. Our retreats provide a safe and supportive environment for mothers to heal a piece of their broken hearts, to honor their children, and to help others who are on a similar journey of loss.

More about Hazel’s Heroes:

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