Healing Art & Writing: Projects

Be kind and graceful with yourself as you use creativity to heal your soul. Practice self-love, not self-judgment, and focus on the process over the product.

Here is a quote to guide you as you use art and writing for healing:

“Healing art is not about success, aesthetics, or making art that another person likes. It is about healing.”

(Samuels and Rockwood Lane 1998, p.160)


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Writing Projects:

1. Write the story of what happened to you from the perspective of a different person involved. This could be a family member, a medical professional or a fly on the wall.

2. Write in a stream of consciousness with the goal of putting every thought on paper from the grocery list to the argument you had with a friend or how you are excited for an upcoming vacation. At first, avoid the painful event. Then gradually focus on the event and associated emotions by writing down every detail and thought that comes to mind recording as they pop into your head.

3. Write a letter to your past self – without revealing what is to come – and offer advice to help you get through the painful time.

4. Journal writing on unlined paper so the words and sentences may flow uncontrolled across the page where there is also room to doodle, draw and paste photographs and images.

5. Three simple writing prompts: (A) What I did not lose… (B) These things I have loved… (C) I never thought I would…


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Art Projects:

1. Create three pieces of art representing three stages: the person you were in the past, who you are now, and who you wish to become.

2. Create a collage from photographs, magazines and newspapers. Then deconstruct parts of the collage and incorporate these sections into a larger painting, making something new of the original artwork.

3. Imagine a scene or a person. Close your eyes and draw without looking until you have finished.

4. Create a mandala (a drawing within a circle) using your intuition to select colours, shapes and images that are meaningful for you.

5. Create a piece of art with your partner, child or close friend. Let it be a collaboration and time of discussion and sharing.



I’d love to add to this list with more ideas. If you have an idea you would like to share, please email me.


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