Resource Round-Up 12: Wanted Chosen Planned

There are so many amazing and compassionate resources out there for bereaved families after their losses and as they become pregnant again. In this resource round-up, I will share some of the books, retreats, organizations and other supports that I feel are doing amazing work.

Today’s round-up is a little different! Today I want to share with you a little more about Wanted, Chosen, Planned: Life After the Loss of A Child. This is my blog and resource hot-spot for bereaved families to find support.

If you know someone who has lost a child and needs support, please share Wanted, Chosen, Planned with them.


Wanted, Chosen, Planned is the online journal of bereaved mom and author-artist, Alexis Marie Chute. Since the death of her son Zachary, Alexis has shared every stage of her grief and healing journey on WCP. She also welcomes guest blog posts from other bereaved parents. To share your story, please email


Wanted, Chosen, Planned champions what Alexis has termed, “The Healthy Grief Movement,” which encourages support for grievers no matter their type of loss, their gender, religion, race, and orientation. The movement encourages sharing personal stories, the creation of healing rituals, and a compassionate vocabulary to discuss loss.


“Celebrating Sweeties” is a page on WCP dedicated to honoring children who have died through posting photos, names, and birth and death dates. Email a photo, birth/death dates, and your baby’s name to email to add your child to Celebrating Sweeties. Please allow for 1-2 weeks to update the page. Thank you!

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