Mother’s Day for the Bereaved Mom

Mother’s Day is a mix of emotions for the bereaved mom. It can be full of highs and also lows. I do want to encourage all mom’s to take heart this Mother’s Day: However you hold your baby, in your arms or in your heart…

… Remember these things:

  • You areĀ MOM
  • You are strong
  • Love never dies
  • You are brave for all you’ve endured
  • Sunshine comes after the storm
  • The rawness of grief will not last forever
  • Mother’s Day is a chance to remember
  • Your baby will never be forgotten


If you are looking for a way to celebrate Mother’s Day as a bereaved Mom – or for a bereaved Mom you know – here are a few ideas:

  • Plant a memory garden
  • Meditate in nature
  • Create a symbolic painting
  • Start a new journal
  • Write your deceased baby a letter
  • Come up with a personal mantra to tell yourself every day
  • Get together with a girlfriend and speak affirmations to each other
  • Reconnect with your partner and hold hands
  • Turn the music up loud; sing and dance till you’re breathless
  • Go for a run through the woods
  • Play with your living kids in the sprinkler (weather permitting)


I hope that however you spend your Mother’s Day, that it can be filled with love. If you feel alone, please reach out to those in your life who are sensitive to your situation. And remember, you are never really alone. So many mothers have experienced high risk pregnancies, the loss of babies at all stages, and if they have not been through these specifically themselves, they likely know someone who has. I strongly recommend communicating authentically with those in your life who you feel comfortable with. Tell them what you need. Share from the heart. And even consider being a shoulder to cry on for someone else. Helping others is one powerful way that we can also help ourselves.


Sending you hugs, love, and strength for Mother’s Day!

– Alexis Marie Chute


Here is a little shameless plug for my book, Expecting Sunshine: A Journey of Grief, Healing and Pregnancy After Loss. This book is a great Mother’s Day gift. Motherhood is an incredible journey, but for bereaved parents, it can be a bumpy road. I’ve been there – obviously – and that is why I want to share my story. I hope to help other’s experience more support and comfort than I personally knew after Zachary died. The one AMAZING thing I have learned is that the Mother’s-love is a powerful force and can never die, even in the face of loss. Expecting Sunshine shares this moving story at the heart of the mothering experience.

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