“Alexis Marie Chute spoke at the Alberta Health Services and Covenant Health Pregnancy and Infant Loss program’s Annual May Memorial – Remembering Our Losses, May 2012. Then September 2012, Alexis Marie was the speaker at the 5th annual Walk To Remember. At this time she spoke of the “Child of Her Heart”. Many people came up to me at the Walk and the days following, and spoke of how Alexis Marie so eloquently could put their feelings into words. Pregnancy loss is not often supported and can be a very lonely experience. Alexis Marie helps give permission to people to talk about how their relationship with their child that has passed, continues on.

A letter that Alexis Marie wrote about her experience of loss is used for teaching staff members in perinatal bereavement with Alberta Health Services. There is many a nurse that has reached for a tissue during the reading of this powerful message. Alexis Marie’s blog – Wanted, Chosen, Planned – has a large following. This also speaks to the power of her words and her beautiful photography.”

Patti Walker headshot for blog

– Patti Walker RN, BN

Regional Bereavement Coordinator




“In January 2012 my husband and I lost our first child. It was a time that I can’t begin to express the emotional roller coaster we rode on for the months to come. In May, I was given the opportunity to hear Alexis Marie speak at a memorial service for the babies that were lost. Her words rang so true to my ears and for the first time in 5 months I felt like I was not insane, but rather that someone else in the world knew exactly how I felt. Alexis Marie had a way of phrasing things that made sense and took a very dark emotion and situation and turned light onto it.

Over the year I followed Alexis Marie’s blog and looked forward to a new blog post each and every time my inbox would show an update. In October of 2013 I was given the opportunity to hear Alexis Marie speak again at another event I was at. While time had passed and I felt that emotions were in a different place, Alexis Marie’s words rang so true once again and once again she hit the nail on the head.

Any chance I get to hear Alexis Marie speak I know that my spirit will be uplifted and she will just seem to “get” what we have experienced. The passion and emotion that is presented in hearing her speak makes anyone in the room connect with her and I feel inspired when I hear her words.”

– Suzy Potts