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We want to hear your story!

We welcome submissions of writing, artwork and photography.

These submissions must express some component of the experience of losing a child and the life that comes afterwards, whatever that may entail.

Please send us your:

  • Birth stories
  • Experiences of grief
  • Stories of healing and hope
  • Artwork you have made in response to your loss


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  • Only original writing, artwork and photography please
  • Word limit: 500 – 1,000 words
  • 2 – 5 original images: 120 DPI, 500 pixels wide
  • Send all original images by email to
  • Wanted Chosen Planned reserves the right to edit the title and story for spelling and grammar.
  • Stories that are discriminatory, self-promoting, or are product oriented will not be accepted.
  • Wanted Chosen Planned will notify acceptance of the submission to the email address provided below.



Thank you so much for your submission! We will be in touch.