Resource Round-Up 10: The Comfort Cub

There are so many amazing and compassionate resources out there for bereaved families after their losses and as they become pregnant again. In this resource round-up, I will share some of the books, retreats, organizations and other supports that I feel are doing amazing work.

The Comfort Cub was established in 1999 by a mother who experienced the grief and trauma of losing her infant son. Her heart physically ached and she later came to understand that this was a symptom of Takotsubo Syndrome. In the hope that others wouldn’t suffer as she did, the founder created a weighted therapeutic teddy bear to assist those experiencing the pain and ache in their hearts and arms. Due to deep touch pressure, holding the cub triggers the brain to release the neurotransmitters dopamine, serotonin and oxytocin, which cause the body to relax and feel comforted. The Comfort Cub has been scientifically proven to reduce the manifestations of grief associated with distressing loss or trauma.

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