A Healthy Grief Movement

I want to bring people together to create a “Healthy Grief Movement.” Will you join me?

What I see as some of the “manifesto points” of this movement:

  • People are encouraged and feel comfortable talking about their own losses and speaking with others who are grieving.
  • Sharing stories of life and death that help both the storyteller and the listeners.
  • Children are brought up understanding that death is a natural and beautiful part of life.
  • There is a healthy vocabulary to discuss challenging topics.
  • There are cultural rituals to support the bereaved and remember the deceased.

These are just some ideas. Do you have others?

Though I am not entirely sure what this “Healthy Grief Movement” will look like, I have made some graphics to help start the discussion.



There are a few ways you can save and share these graphics:

  1. You can take a screen shot on your phone and re-post wherever you see fit.
  2. You can click to save them here, on Wanted Chosen Planned, or visit the Expecting Sunshine website Please Share page (scroll to the bottom) to download all 8.


Please share and comment and join in the “movement.” We are stronger together. 

    – Alexis Marie




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