Life is truly precious

Today I welcome Carolyn and Adrian Aarnoutse here on Wanted Chosen Planned. As Carolyn shares her story of meeting and losing her son, Willem, I felt like I was with her, remembering my own loss and reliving those emotions. I honor the bravery of Carolyn and Adrian in opening up their heartache to us, and also I join with them in celebrating their precious baby Willem and his important life. Here is Willem’s story:

I wake up every morning with the feeling that a part of me is missing; my heart is heavy and feels broken. We felt so blessed and proud to have five healthy and perfect children.  Our sweet Willem came into this world with one fast push; a healthy 6lbs 5oz boy. His three sisters and one brother loved him dearly. Often, I would see them carrying him around where ever they were playing. He was a happy, easy baby who always smiled and was content wherever he was.

Our precious baby boy was taken from us way too soon at six months of age. My husband found him not breathing in his crib during his afternoon nap. I remember that day so clearly and it still makes me sick to my stomach and I get numb when I think about it. After we called 911 my husband was on the floor performing CPR with the help of the operator. The firemen and paramedics came so quickly it felt like a dozen burst through our front door and surrounded our little baby. They were able to get his heart going while travelling to the hospital.

Looking back, we were thankful for three more days we got to spend at the Stollery Hospital with Willem, though it was hard not knowing if he would survive or if he would even be healthy or normal again. We wanted our little son back so badly. My husband and I did not leave Willem’s bedside. Together we shed so many tears we felt we could not cry anymore. We talked and made decisions that we thought we would never have had to make. We became closer to each other then most couples become in a lifetime. Our families joined together, and our friends became much more real. I was able to hold Willem one last time even though we knew his spirit was already gone; I got to say good bye to his perfect little body.  I will be forever be grateful for the time we spent with Willem and I was honored to be called his mom.

Willem was able to donate his heart and liver to two other babies in desperate need. I pray everyday that they heal and live the life they deserve. There was a reason we had such a perfectly healthy boy we believe that was Gods plan for him.  We will always be thankful that Willem was a part of our lives he has changed the way I view life.  I now truly appreciate the life I was given, the family the Lord has blessed me with, even though we lost our sweet Willem.  Life is truly precious.

Than you, Carolyn and Adrian, for sharing your story with us. From all of us in the

Wanted Chosen Planned community and everyone who reads this, please accept our sincerest condolences and virtual hugs.

Pregnancy loss and infant loss is an experience known by many, unfortunately. We who have lived it can be an amazing support for each other. If you would like to share your story, please email Alexis Marie Chute at

Thank you for reading.

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